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Forklift management case

Application of forklift management system in Liaoning Fushun Dongxing mining industry

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Located in Fushun, the "coal capital", Dongxing Mining Co., Ltd. is a large mining group focusing on the exploration and development of metal mineral resources such as gold, copper and zinc. The company is the largest listed gold enterprise and the largest producer of mineral iron ore in Liaoning. It is one of the most competitive large mining companies with the best benefits in China's mining industry and the most control of metal mineral resources.


Mining is a place for mining ore or producing mineral raw materials. Mining is a high-risk industry, so we must pay attention to safety production. In 2015, for the safety management system in the plant area, Dongxing mining specially customized an infrared induction audible and visual alarm and forklift fleet management system in our company. People and vehicles enter the plant area for safety reminder. The product has been running for two years, which has improved the occurrence of safety accidents in the plant area.

Forklift fleet management system, through the combination of on-site and post management, can master the status of vehicles first and easily realize the digitization of vehicle operation. The system includes cloud data management, fleet efficiency analysis, forklift utilization statistics, driver performance management, forklift safety management, forklift anti-collision management, etc. the powerful cloud statistical analysis will better help the enterprise's lean production.

1. Cloud data management: the cloud platform server can log in directly with an account, remotely monitor the real-time data of the forklift, and the personalized functional requirements can be customized.

2. Fleet efficiency analysis: make the managers know the forklift utilization rate and work efficiency of each organization and shift at a glance, provide data support for forklift deployment and organization performance evaluation, and greatly improve work efficiency.

3. Forklift utilization statistics: make the managers know the idleness and utilization of all forklifts

4. Driver performance management: manage the assets within the forklift service life cycle, monitor the driver's working status and efficiency, and provide decision-making for assessment and other business management.

5. Forklift safety management: show the managers the details of the concerned alarm events to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.

6. Forklift anti-collision Management: forklift anti-collision warning to ensure the safety of people, vehicles and objects.

Application of forklift management system in Liaoning Fushun Dongxing mining industry

1. The speed can be seen during the driving of forklift. There are also on-site audible and visual alarms for illegal driving, and the forklift operation is standardized.

2. The efficiency of forklifts, departments and shifts shall be transparent in real time, accurate temporary scheduling shall be made, scientific and reasonable vehicles shall be used, and the overall utilization rate shall be improved

3. Fully record safety events and implement safety system

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