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Forklift safety case

Bailian Group - Application of forklift overspeed alarm

Time:2021-10-06 19:07:42 click:424

Bailian Group is a French group company, which mainly produces high-quality aluminum alloy brake system casting parts, turbocharger housing, engine support and valve body for the automotive industry; In addition, the products produced by Bailian Group are also used in energy, chemical industry, railway electrification and other fields. The global service of Bailian Group has factories in France, Mexico, Serbia, Hungary and China. Its main customers are: Mercedes Benz, BMW, FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Chang'an Ford, Wuhan Shenlong, etc; Among them, the production of aluminum alloy brake system parts occupies a leading position in the world and occupies 40% of the global market share.

In 2016, Bailian Group wanted to improve the safety of forklifts in the plant area. Storage safety has always been a heart disease of Bailian Group. It often encountered non-compliance with the regulations: failure to wear safety belts during forklift operation, forklift loading goods blocking sight, forklift speeding, warehouse personnel walking at will, etc. There are clear provisions in the safety regulations for these phenomena, but some people do not abide by them and play with their lives. The lesson of blood failed to awaken the consciousness of abiding by the safety production regulations. The person in charge of safety management of Bailian Group, after investigation and research, chose our wireless forklift overspeed alarm. After three months of testing, the head office has found that the product performance meets the company's needs. Bailian Group requires all forklifts to install our forklift overspeed alarm.


According to the problems fed back by the safety administrator of Bailian Group, our engineers give solutions; Wireless forklift overspeed alarm. When the forklift exceeds our preset three-level alarm speed value, the equipment will lock the alarm. Whether you slow down, stop, or power off and restart, the equipment will always alarm. At this time, our forklift management personnel need to unlock the remote control before stopping the alarm and restoring the initial state. There is audible and visual voice alarm during forklift driving; Please pay attention to the forklift and timely remind the surrounding pedestrians to pay attention to safety. This site management:

1. It can restrict the driver's behavior

2. It is conducive to the enterprise's performance appraisal of drivers

3. The work of forklift manager is more methodical and scientific

4. Solve the critical forklift safety problem (speeding)

5. Reduce employment costs and expenses

6. It is conducive to ensuring the life safety of enterprise employees

At the end of 2016, China branch of Bailian Group installed our forklift overspeed alarm. By using our forklift overspeed alarm, the non-standard phenomenon of forklift overspeed operation in the plant area is quickly solved, which brings safety guarantee to the company.

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